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What is the Muscle and Style Inner Circle rewards program?

The Inner Circle is our exciting NEW rewards program where you earn Elite Points that you can redeem for exclusive discounts and perks when you purchase at


How do I join? Does it cost anything?

It’s free to join. Simply create an account (or sign in if you already have one). Be sure to sign in whenever you make a purchase in order to receive your points! (Sorry, we can’t offer points for purchases made if you check out as a guest.)


What are Elite Points?

Elite Points are just our way of saying thank you! You earn five Elite Points for every Pound(£) you spend with us (not including delivery costs and taxes), and you can use those points towards money off vouchers for future orders. 100 points equals £1 to spend.  Points are automatically added to your account after your order is confirmed. It’s that easy!


How can I use/redeem my Elite Points?

To redeem points, simply sign in to The INNER CIRCLE using the icon on the bottom left of the screen, or in the link in the main menu.  Once signed in, the bottom left navigation bar will show your account info.  Redeem points by clicking on the “See Rewards You Can Earn” button.


How do I accumulate points?

You earn points for every pound(£) you spend on (not including delivery costs and taxes). You must be signed into your account in order to earn points on your purchase.  You can also earn points for successful referrals, following us on social media and you even get free points on your birthday.


How do I refer people and earn points?

Simply give them your referral URL. When the person creates an account and places their first order at Muscle and Style, you will be credited with your earned Elite Points.

Your referral URL is available from the INNER CIRCLE navigation area, found in the bottom left of the screen.  Simply click the icon to bring up your account and scroll down to the referrals section.


Where can I find out how many points I have?

Your point balance will be accessible on the INNER CIRCLE navigation area, found in the bottom left of the screen.  Simply click the icon to bring up your account and your current points will be displayed.


Do my points expire?

Yes, points expire. If you have been inactive/not purchased for the past 12 months (i.e. no earning or spending of points), then your points balance will be set back to zero. Make sure you spend and earn points within 12 months to retain your balance.


Can I use my Elite Points with other promotions and coupons?

Elite Points can only be redeemed for money off voucher codes - codes are non-combinable and are one-time use only. 


What happens to my Elite Points if I make a return?

If you return an order, the Elite Points earned on that order will be deducted from your account.


Can I transfer my Elite Points to another user?

Points cannot be transferred to a different account.


Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

No! We encourage you to use all the available methods to earn as many Elite Points as possible so you can spend these points on order discounts.


In my account I have "pending points". Why are they pending?

When you place an order with us, reward points are immediately issued to your account in pending status. This just means we haven't processed and shipped your order yet. Once your order ships, those points will come off pending status.




Terms and Conditions

See the full terms and conditions of the muscle and Style INNER CIRCLE Rewards Program here